About Us

The Advo-Kids team at Posternock Apell, PC offers virtual consulting and customized coaching to parents of students with special needs. Our mission is to help parents and schools collaborate, identify and maintain the best educational program for a student.

Our team members have extensive training in education law and policy, as well as direct experience in the areas of IEP and curriculum development, special education instruction and child study team procedures. Our consultants understand the complexity and frustration of navigating special education supports and services on a personal level as a result of supporting our own children and family members with special needs.

The Advo-Kids team at Posternock Apell, PC believes that collaboration, evaluation and focused communication lay the groundwork for effective special education programs. We place the highest value on a parent/guardian’s role as the primary advocate in a student’s life and welcome the opportunity to empower families with information and analysis. By offering a range of services, from special education consulting to expert legal counsel, Advo-Kids will equip you with the best tools, strategies and a plan to advocate for the student in your life.

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Please Note: The Advo-Kids non-attorney consultants cannot offer legal advice. Thus, while confidential, services provided by Advo-Kids non-attorney consultants neither create nor constitute an attorney-client relationship for the provision of legal advice and/or legal services.