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When Can we be Romantic? Supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum in their right for deeper relationships

When it comes to Autism advocacy, many factors are at play. Education, independent living and vocation skills are just a few topics educators and parents seem to focus on; however, one factor that doesn’t receive as much attention, especially for teenagers with Autism, is romantic and intimate relationships.

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PROGRESS REPORTING: One Key to IEP Team Communication

The federal law does not impose specific requirements on exactly how progress monitoring reports are issued. Yet, numerous court cases reinforce the principle that data-based progress monitoring is required under the IDEA; otherwise, it’s impossible to tell if a student is actually making the required “meaningful progress.”

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Independent Education Evaluations under the IDEA: Advo-Kids answers your most Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), parents of disabled students may request an independent education evaluation (IEE) at school expense when they “disagree” with an evaluation conducted by the school. Sounds fairly straightforward; right? In...

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The Power of the PLAAFP: Seven strategies for developing an efficient IEP

It is no secret a well-written IEP is integral to providing high-quality special education services to students with disabilities. Every IEP must include a statement of the student’s present level of academic achievement and functional performance. This section known by the acronym PLAAFP includes descriptions of the student’s present strengths, interests, progress, and needs. This article details specific strategies for educators and parents that ensure every student’s IEP has as well developed, functioning PLAAFP.

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The NJ DOE revised due process hearing procedures following Federal finding of non-compliance: Will this help shift the dialogue about special education dispute resolution?

Introduction On August 6, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Education (“NJ DOE”) issued numerous revisions to the State’s procedures for special education due process hearings in response to a finding of non-compliance by the federal Office for Special Education...

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