5 Facts about Child Find Parents Need to Know.

This short, animated webinar provides parents/families with information about Child Find and how it protects students with a disability.


3 min., 49 sec.

10  Parent Advocacy Strategies for Initiating the Special Education Process in New Jersey 

This video highlights 10 strategies for helping parents understand and advocate for their child when seeking special education and related services.


4 min., 20 sec.

What is a Special Education Referral and How do I Get One?

This short, animated video webinar provides parents/families of New Jersey with information and fast facts for how to initiate the process of seeking special education and related services in NJ.



4 min., 43 sec.

5 rules to know about Special Education in New Jersey that are NOT specified by IDEA!

Watch this video to gain access to the publication distributed by the NJ Department of Education, which includes the ‘rules’ all parents and educators need to know.


3 min., 33 sec.

What is PRISE and How Can it Help Parents

This video provides an overview of the New Jersey publication of Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE). Each highlight presented offers a description of what parents need to know in order to empower their role as a parent advocate for their child with disabilities.


5 min., 47 sec.



In just a little over three minutes you will learn 10 awesome facts and dispel myths regarding how to work with and/or apply for services through New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). 


3min., 4 sec.