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Non-Legal Services

Non-Legal Services

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Free Initial Phone Consultation

Contact us via phone or e-mail to schedule a confidential consultation of up to 20 minutes. During the call we will ask for basic background information about your situation and explain the different ways Advo-Kids can support your family.

Cost: Free

Advisory Conference

Our non-attorney consultants will schedule an in-person or video conference at your convenience.  During this meeting we will discuss your current concerns, questions and goals. An Advisory Conference includes the following:

– 30 minute review and analysis of education records / evaluations prior to meeting.

– Comprehensive discussion of student records, parent concerns, evaluation results and related information.

– Analysis of current IEP (if applicable)

– Inform and support your understanding of the regulations and policies that affect the student’s educational rights and how they should shape your decisions about the educational program.

– Following the meeting, you will receive a written action plan summary, which will include:

* Summary of discussion, including explanations of all applicable regulations

* An outline of strategies, decisions and suggested next-steps

* List of resources and/or contacts to support your goals for student (if applicable).

Cost: $395


*Click on the link below to view and/or download an example summary action report:

Example Summary Action Report

Additional Consultation Services:

Additional services are offered on an hourly basis. These services are offered at the Advo-Kids’ office or via scheduled phone,  video conference. The services may include, but are not limited to the following:

– Planning and/or troubleshooting pre or post consultation services to support meeting your goals.

– Assistance with drafting or editing letters to student’s school or service providers

– Assistance with making a request for an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) or finding an independent evaluator

– Analysis of information to determine if an evaluation should be requested to determine if a “disability” exists under current law and regulation

– On-going review and analysis of additional educational documents such as new evaluations, revised IEPs, or data from progress monitoring.

– In-depth consultation about a revised or improved Individualized Education Plan (IEP), including the student’s Transition Plan, Behavior Intervention Plan, goals and objectives or Specially Designed Instruction, among other issues

– Assistance with developing accommodations for a 504 plan or Individualized Health Plan (IHP).

– Outreach services: Our consultants are available to support you by attending and participating in meetings and observations to assist in meeting your goals and desired outcome. This additional service includes, but is not limited to:

* Conduct two, 30-minute, structured classroom observations (two different classes)

* Attend and participate in an initial Evaluation, IEP or Child Study Team meeting

* Attend and participate in a Section 504 Meeting

* Attend and participate in at teacher/staff meeting

Cost: $150/ hour; *5% discount applied for additional hours in excess of five or more

I was far more prepared for the meeting with your guidance!



After reviewing your very well written and comprehensive Summary Action Report, [we]  feel comfortable with handling the meeting on our own.