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xTop 5 Tips to Start the School Year

xTop 5 Tips to Start the School Year

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Tip 1: Introduce Yourself

  • Meet with teachers, staff members, and service providers as early as possible. This may include bus drivers and aides.
  • Determine how you would like to communicate with the people that support your child. Is this every day?
  • Be seen as a team member, not a receiver of information

Tip 2: Get Organized

  • Review the IEP. It may have been written months ago. Make sure you remember what you agreed for your child.
  • Address any unresolved issues

Tip 3: Relax and Smile

  • The school year is hectic for all parents. Plan for time to relax as a family.
  • Plan activities either during the week or on the weekend.
  • Don’t feel guilty for saying no to extra activities if they do not meet the needs of your family.

Tip 4: Network

  • Meet other parents
  • Emotional support is necessary for you and your child
  • Not necessarily parents of children with special needs

Tip 5: Get Involved

  • Attend Back to School Night. Understand that this is not a typical conference.
  • See your child’s classroom and day from their eyes.
  • If volunteer opportunities are available, try it out. You may meet a new parent!
  • School art shows and events are a great place to help without long term commitments

Bonus Tip: Be OK with Change

  • Transition for the child and parent can be difficult
  • Plan and discuss changes in advance
  • Highlight similarities